Violet’s Big News

Violet’s big news is that she’s going to be a big sister in November … and before you think to ask, no matter if it’s a girl or boy, Violet will still be a big sister.
We’d like to say that she’s really excited about it, but she really doesn’t have a clue. Although she does think mommy’s bellybutton looks a bit strange these days.

3rd Anniversary

We just celebrated our 3rd year anniversary this past week! Wow, already :)

April showers bring new laundry appliances!

April is upon us – and today it’s raining (apparently snow is also on it’s way?)

Life is moving along with us: Violet is growing, Phil & Bonnie are working (more than they want to!).

A few recent/upcoming events:

  • Phil celebrated his birthday last month
  • Celebrated Easter with family last week
  • Our anniversary is next month
  • Violet’s teeth are popping in at an incredible rate (4 molars bustin’ through right now!)
  • We bought a new washer & dryer (because the washer was putting rust-spots on our clothing… and it was cheaper in the long run to buy a new washer than to keep buying new clothing!)

Violet’s First Birthday

Today is Violet’s first birthday!

Merry *cough* *cough* Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

*cough* We’re sick! *cough*

We’re a sick bunch here right now – but we’re hoping that it clears up before the 25th. Phil’s had a sore throat and cough for over 2 weeks, Bonnie’s suffered through the stomach flu and Violet’s had a runny nose for probably 3 weeks! Here’s hoping that we’re getting through the winter viruses early and won’t suffer more over the next few months :)

The Daly Christmas Dinner

Tonight the Daly’s got together for our annual Christmas dinner.

This year was quite a change from years gone by:

  • It was a week early – so that everyone could attend
  • Dominic, Margaret, Siobhan and Declan are now Southern-Ontario Daly residents – and therefore attended
  • Violet and Elsie were there too!

Other than that – it was pretty typical: lots of food and games.

“Fun was had by all!” :)

Photos are available here.

A New Website

We are migrating our website to this new look and feel – thanks to WordPress software. This will make thing easier for us – and we think it looks better too!

A New Normal

Life keeps trucking along here – Violet is growing, Bonnie is mothering, and Phil is working.

The summer seems to have arrived now – as all of our weekends are very quickly becoming full with all sorts of social events.

In the next month or so Violet will have a new cousin on the Daly side of the family – with her Auntie Em and Uncle Jeff expecting their first child at the beginning of June.

Violet is becoming quite active and somewhat mobile: rolling over now seems to be old-hat to her – and we have a feeling that propping herself up on her arms and legs won’t be too far behind. It certainly is time to seriously start looking into stair-guards :)

A Growing Girl

Violet is now 10 weeks old – and as any parent in our position would say: “boy does the time fly!”

We’re all doing very well.

  • Violet is growing quickly – and is a very happy girl (except around 9-10pm!)

  • Bonnie is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom, for now – she’s dreading December, when she is supposed to return to work

  • Phil is working in a new job and likes it alot – but even more, he loves to come home to his girls

Happy daylight savings time!

Life has Changed

It’s been six weeks since Violet was born! Time certainly does fly during this period of life.

We’re all doing very well – Violet is eating and growing. She’s also got a good set of lungs on her – which she likes to demonstrate from time to time when she’s upset! She has started to have ‘evening fussies’ in the past few weeks – which is somewhat good timing for when Phil comes home from work to play with her.

We endevour to continue to post more photos on the site – but may not always indicate that with a new posting here. Just keep checking the photos albums to see what’s new.

Note: Some of you are having trouble linking to some photo albums – if so, use the links I provide in the news section, as they seem to be more reliable. Ultimately I’ll fix those issues though.

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