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Violet’s Big News

Violet’s big news is that she’s going to be a big sister in November … and before you think to ask, no matter if it’s a girl or boy, Violet will still be a big sister.
We’d like to say that she’s really excited about it, but she really doesn’t have a clue. Although she does think mommy’s bellybutton looks a bit strange these days.

The Daly Christmas Dinner

Tonight the Daly’s got together for our annual Christmas dinner.

This year was quite a change from years gone by:

  • It was a week early – so that everyone could attend
  • Dominic, Margaret, Siobhan and Declan are now Southern-Ontario Daly residents – and therefore attended
  • Violet and Elsie were there too!

Other than that – it was pretty typical: lots of food and games.

“Fun was had by all!” :)

Photos are available here.