Our Violet

Just an update for everyone who’s checking for more info!

Things are going very well, Violet is adorable as ever… and is a very easy-going baby too. She’s sleeping fairly well during the night … usually only getting up once at night (4am or so).

We’ve been posting more photos to the website – so be sure to check the Violet album to see them.


We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our baby girl: Violet Abigail Daly. She was born January 20th 2006 at 4:55pm – weighing in at 7lbs 12oz.

Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas!

It’s been an awful long time since we’ve updated this page – as usual. But we’re doing well – and getting ready for the baby to arrive. Tonight we’ve been painting the baby’s room with Fiona & Claire.

If you’re family or a family friend, you probably already know that Emily and Jeff are expecting! So, we’re going to be come parents and an aunt and uncle this year (on the Daly side!). We have scanned their ultrasounds and put them up on the webpage here.

There will be plenty more news in the next two weeks – and a whole lotta photos too! Woohoo!


We’ve added a couple more ultrasound photos, from the latest ultrasound.

The baby seems to be doing ok, and is kicking and moving quite a bit at times – enough to feel from the outside. Phil get’s a kick out of talking to the baby and enticing it to squirm – meanwhile Bonnie sometimes is awoken at night by kicks and flutters.

An Overhaul

We’ve done a bit of an overhaul on the site – removing the wedding-centric theme and moving more towards a generic theme.

Why the change? Mostly because it’s been a year since we were married – and also because we’re entering a new phase of life, as we’re expecting our first child! :)

Due for January 12th, we’re now 19 weeks along. Check out a few of our ultrasound photos in the photo section. More news and photos to come!

One Year Anniversary

Hey friends!

It’s been way too long since we last updated the news, or anything else on this page. In fact, we totally missed posting a first anniversary notice a *month* ago!

In any case, we’re both doing well – Phil is working hard, and so is Bonnie.

Bonnie actually signed on at work full time the other month, which means more guaranteed hours and benefits – the benefits are nice, working more isn’t as nice!

Phil was out of work between March and April – but is now working again full time. In fact, he’s working full time plus other on-the-side “computer”work.

We’re looking forward to the summer – if only for the warmer weather and more sunlight. We have a few weddings this summer, including Tim (Phil’s brother) in October.

Until next time…!


It`s March the 1st – and we have not got any better at this updating-the-webpage thing!

Last night we had Dante and Aiden spend the night at our place – and they`re with us for most of the day today too. We helped them build forts out of large cardboard boxes – and they`ve been entertained by them for hours. It only goes to show how true it is that the best toy for a kid is a box :)

This month we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of taking possesion of our house – which also coincidentally coincides with having to pay for house insurance too!

We’re looking forward to spring right about now – seeing as we got another dump of snow on the driveway last night. It’ll be nice to be able to get outside more often and putter around in the garden.


Happy Valentines Day!

Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas!

We are getting ready to celebrate Christmas for the first time as a new family! Today we hope to go out and get a Christmas tree and get it set up in our living room.

Unfortunately Bonnie`s got on-call hours this Christmas, which comes with the territory with her job. We have to arrange family get-togethers around the on-call hours – Phil is taking his time getting adjusted to this new way of living.

In other news, Phil is working in Uxbridge in a temporary full-time job and is continuing to look for something a bit more permanent (well, as permanent as any job is these days in the IT field!).

Bonnie is working away at the hospital these days and the variable number of hours and different shifts continues. Occasionally she has a normal sleeping pattern.

We both hope all our family and friends reading this (and not!) have a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

Pityful Website

We`ve been really bad about updating our website over the last few months. This has mostly been due to how difficult it has been to update the site, but Phil has built a new way to do it, so you will probably see more updates more often now.

Current News: Phil is looking for work right now. His previous work came to an end a little while ago, so he`s out looking for something new. Bonnie is working away though – there`s no change there, fortunetly! We spent Thanksgiving Sunday with Phil`s family and Thanksgiving Monday with Bonnie`s family. It was a good weekend – although it was over much to quickly!

Our home on the net!