The Inspection

This past Friday we had the home inspector come to check out the house we’re buying. 3 hours later we had binder full of the checklists that he had gone through on the house. It was terribly thourough – and we were both impressed.

There were no major defects in the house, but a couple of suggestions to avoid and ward of issues in the future. He was also very good about explaining things to us – all my questions were answered very well.

Over all, it was a great experience, and helped solidify our decision on the house. So, on Saturday we went to the real estate office to sign the waiver to confirm our offer. I think by now the ‘SOLD’ sign should be on the house. I’ll be going by in the next day or so to get a photo of the house and SOLD sign!

Let me send out a little recommendation for James McCracken of Dakota Home Inspection Service, (905) 436-7316 / 1-800-350-6135.

Our House

So, Bonnie and I bought a house yesterday! (Note: the previous MLS link has expired)

It’s conditional on financing and the house inspection, but we signed for it. The house inspector will be there on Friday. The closing date is March 12th 2004.

It’s all pretty exciting.

A busy week!

It’s been a busy week for Bonnie and I.

This past Thursday we visited the Bay to book a gift registration appointment, but ended up coming in at a good time and were able to have that appointment that afternoon.

Almost 5 hours later we had done the majority of our gift registration. It was a long process, because we had never discussed or looked through items prior to visiting the store.

We still have yet to figure out the bathroom colour scheme, but that will come in the next few weeks, as soon as we know which colours are going to be continued in the new year.

The link to the registry is here: Our Bay gift registry.

Honeymoon Looking

Yesterday I (Phil) started to look into honeymoon spots. I was looking at the Mayan Riveria and shortlisted two places there. But it turns out that my friends just visited one of those places back in October – and are raving about it. There’s nothing quite like a personal recommendation to help make a decision.

However, Bonnie and I haven’t properly discussed possible locations – so I should really get her input before setting my heart on anything in particular.

Got any recommendations about locations, flights, activities? Email me! Again, just write to either ‘philip’ or ‘bonnie’ at

The Date

So, it seems as though we have settled on a date: May 7th 2004.

This makes it a friday wedding – and we’re talking about it starting at 3pm, so that people that need to, can work a 1/2-day while still being able to attend the wedding. Of course, this will also mean that others have a decent excuse to take a long weekend! You can thank us for that if you wish :)

I Lost the News!

I lost my original second piece of news in a server-shuffle the other day!

What I had said was that we were looking at May 8th as a possible day – but if we go with the friday-night idea, that would be the 7th. So… I suppose you can *pencil* those dates in your calendar!

Today’s Talk

The talk today was about considering doing a Friday afternoon/evening wedding & reception. Instead of fighting for a location on Saturday, we could find a place for the Friday – and maybe even save a bit of money while putting on a memorable night of celebration.

Of course, the problem then is that we might be inconveniencing too many people by asking them to either take the day off, take a half-day off or leave work early.

Decisions, decisions.!

How to Start

Well, how do I start this news?

I suppose by first outlining the fact that Bonnie and I were engaged (for marriage) as of November 22nd 2003. You can read ‘The Proposal’ to get the whole story – it’s a fun read!

More to come over time. I’m sure we’ll nail down some dates in the next few days.

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